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About Us

CyEx is a knowledge-based cyber security service provider offering proactive cyber solutions for both domestic and international markets, primarily for large corporations and governments.

CyEx offers end-to-end cyber security consulting, from information risk assessments that help benchmark safety measures and shore up weaknesses, to testing what checks for robust defences. CyEx is also specialised in cybersecurity trainings both for non-cyber IT and security professionals and cybersecurity and cyber defence experts in course formats, cyber drills, and cyber exercises.

CyEx is present on the Hungarian and international markets. In addition to traditional IT and information security consulting and R & D, CyEx provides a holistic, life-cycle management service, which consists of preventive security and active defence, cyber security planning, managed security services, incident handling and management, knowledge transfer and training services, information sharing, and strategic decision support. CyEx aspires to work with clients across the full cyber security life cycle, to help design and embed policies and procedures.

CyEx team members have worked together on multiple consulting, cyber training and drilling, and vulnerability assessment engagements and have provided these services internationally for companies and multinational as well as state organisations in virtually every vertical market. The geographic and functional diversity of CyEx combined clientele contributes greatly to our breadth of expertise and understanding of security threats.

Products & Services


All businesses that use networks are at risk of being targeted by cybercriminals. CyEx provides guidance in the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, offering traditional cybersecurity consulting, proactive solutions, and risk assessment. Its consulting practice provides a unique blend of highly technical individuals with managers who understand how to improve the overall security posture of an organization as it relates to various laws, standards, guidelines, and industry-best practices.

IT/OT security

While the convergence of IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) systems has created ways to improve efficiency, increase visibility and control over operations, and allow for organizations to develop better decision-making capabilities, greater interconnectivity also brings with it greater risk. CyEx provides guidance for protecting IT/OT systems, consultation for implementing strong security frameworks, cyber threat mitigation, and improving overall cybersecurity posture.

Energy security

The importance of energy security within the cyber space has increased tremendously, while cyberattacks targeting such sectors have grown more sophisticated and frequent. The diversity of CyEx’s team grants it a unique insight into the threats faced by energy suppliers, and the combined experience of its experts allows it to extend its consulting, planning, incident handling and management services to companies within the sector.

Cyber defence

The goal of cyber defence is to prevent, disrupt, and respond to cyber threats. CyEx provides aid in both domestic and international areas to anticipate, and counter cyberattacks, from information risk assessments to penetration testing, tailor.made to the needs of the defence industry.


A successful defence often begins with training of the defenders themselves. When it comes to cybersecurity, issues are frequently caused by the human element, whether it be due to negligence or ignorance. CyEx provides trainings for employers and employees alike to help establish a cybersecurity awareness and lay the foundation for a strong cyber security and defence.


CyEx puts a high emphasis on innovation, research and development stemming from the work of its experienced cybersecurity professionals, with qualifications in both foundational and applied research, dedicated to building cutting edge technologies and applications with a go-to-market approach.

CyEx seeks to transform research into practical solutions for government, military, critical infrastructure providers, law enforcement and supply chain. Research areas include applied intelligence, information sharing, cyber threat modelling, artificial intelligence and machine learning, novel knowledge transfer solutions, and next generation cyber ranges.

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